• Joe Shanahan


    An active 71-year-old, Joe Shanahan enjoys playing golf, jogging, biking, swimming and weight training, in addition to playing softball at least twice a week. It was during a softball tournament that his symptoms started: labored breathing, a slight pain in the center of his chest.

  • Beverly Demers, Hip Replacement Patient


    After six years of pain and stiffness in my hip, I was desperately seeking relief. My primary care physician recommended I talk to an orthopedic surgeon about hip replacement. My surgeon told me exactly what I could expect and the team at Poinciana Medical Center was friendly, helpful and informative.

  • Maria Amador


    "Over the holidays, I thought I had indigestion and experienced pain radiating from my right arm to my back. Since the pain persisted, my husband took me to the emergency room at Poinciana Medical Center, where they quickly evaluated me and determined I was having a heart attack. Their quick response saved my life. I'm so thankful for the doctors and nurses who worked together seamlessly and treated me with kindness and compassion."

  • "Having Poinciana Medical Center So Close to Home Saved my Life"


    It was a typical Thursday afternoon for retirees Howard and Eileen Soriano. Eileen was in the bedroom cleaning and Howard had just finished mopping the kitchen and living room floor. He felt a little dizzy so he sat down in his recliner.

  • "If I have a Medical Emergency in Florida Again, Poinciana Medical Center will be my Hospital of Choice."


    Bruce Cotton, 73, woke up from an afternoon nap on New Year's Eve (2016) and noticed his tongue was swollen and had difficulty speaking. He assumed he'd had an allergic reaction to oysters he had eaten the day before. He took some Benadryl but his condition remained the same so he and his wife Catherine decided a trip to the Poinciana Medical Center Emergency Department was in order.

  • Cardiovascular Care at a Critical Time


    Margaret Schaab was brought into the emergency room at Poinciana Medical Center on December 13, 2016 after calling 911 with chest pain and shortness of breath. Dr. Christopher Scott, who at the time was serving as Medical Director of Emergency Medical Services, immediately recognized Mrs. Schaab was in respiratory failure with an unusually high potassium reading and as a result, intubated her and administered cardiac protective medications to keep her heart from failing. Dr. Scott was able to save Mrs. Schaab's life by observing these changes in her breathing and high potassium reading just in the nick of time.