Cardiovascular Care at a Critical Time


Margaret Schaab was brought into the emergency room at Poinciana Medical Center on December 13, 2016 after calling 911 with chest pain and shortness of breath. Dr. Christopher Scott, who at the time was serving as Medical Director of Emergency Medical Services, immediately recognized Mrs. Schaab was in respiratory failure with an unusually high potassium reading and as a result, intubated her and administered cardiac protective medications to keep her heart from failing. Dr. Scott was able to save Mrs. Schaab's life by observing these changes in her breathing and high potassium reading just in the nick of time.

"Dr. Scott saved my life," Margaret stated. "I'm very grateful to the doctors that were both smart and strong enough to save my life."

During her stay, Margaret received patient care in Poinciana Medical Center's Emergency Room, Intensive Care Unit and Progressive Care Unit. According to her, there was one consistent theme in these multiple areas: Exceptional Patient Care.

"Each doctor and staff member treated me like I was one of them," said Margaret. "They treated me as a friend and not just a patient. Each staff member that cared for me was tremendous and I'm glad to be home."

Caregiving comes naturally to Margaret because she was able to retire after an enjoyable career serving as a Manufacturing Analysis in the Space Industry to care for her parents. When asked why she would leave a career she enjoyed to care for her parents, her answer was as genuine as the care she received at Poinciana Medical Center.

"I was an only child and my parents gave me everything and I wanted to take care of them. Because they gave me everything, I wanted to give them everything."

Margaret cared for her parents for 27 years and it's an experience she will forever value.

"During my stay, I received the type of exceptional patient care I would want for my parents," Margaret said. "The facility is gorgeous, but the heart of any hospital are its doctors and staff and Poinciana Medical Center's are wonderful. I can't thank them enough."

Front row: Dr. Christopher Scott, M.D., CPE, FAAEM, FACEP, Chief of Staff & Divisional Chair of Emergency Medical Services during Margaret's stay

Second Row: Padma Lilia, Quality Clinical Coordinator and Lead Nurse during Margaret's stay; Gail Riley, Food and Nutrition Services Clerk; Sheree Halterman, Director of Intensive Care Unit and Progressive Care Unit