Poinciana Medical Center
July 19, 2017

Chris Cosby joined Poinciana Medical Center as CEO. He brings more than 14 years of healthcare experience to Poinciana. He previously was chief operating officer of HCA's Doctors Hospital in Augusta, GA. Poinciana Medical Center CEO, Chris Cosby participated in the Orlando Business Journal's "In The Spotlight" by answering a variety of interesting questions from the publication.

If you could trade places with one person for a day, who would it be and why?

"I would love to trade places for one day with Auburn Head Football Coach, Gus Malzahn. I'm an Auburn alum and am a huge fan of their Athletics program. He made an immediate impact on the program and is a go-getter and I see a lot of myself in him."

Where is your favorite vacation spot?

"Virgin Gorda in the British Virgin Islands."

Your most interesting deal or project:

"At my previous facility, we added two additional operating rooms and renovated 15 existing operating rooms simultaneously. During this time, we still performed operations and conducted normal business with minimum patient interruption. Accomplishing a job this massive with minimum day-to-day interruption of our surgical procedures and maintaining a high-level of patient satisfaction is something I'm very proud of."

Your greatest extravagance:

"As a proud Auburn alum, I've been to many of their football games and am a proud supporter of their athletics program."

Which of your personal attributes has made you most successful in your career?

"Being personable and not being caught up in titles. I recognize that each employee plays an integral part in making this facility a successful one and ensuring we are providing exceptional patient care to each of our patients. I view our staff as one big family instead of multiple employees."

What's one question you always ask a potential employee?

"Two questions I like to ask are: 1. Tell me something about yourself not on your resume. 2. Tell me an instance when you broke a set of rules, either personally or professionally and why."

What's your favorite Central Florida restaurant and why?

"During my short time in Central Florida, the one restaurant that sticks out so far is Hot N Juicy Crawfish."

Your worst habit as a leader:

"One thing that I work very hard on as a leader is balancing trust with constraint. I have been let down before by people in whom I have placed too much trust, but I have also been rewarded by those who have earned my trust and exceeded my expectations. It is a constant balancing act that I must stay aware of."

Best lesson from a mentor:

"You should always be humble and remember that people are the reason you're successful. Also, life experiences make you a better leader. Successfully overcoming a challenge away from the workplace can transcend to success at the workplace."

Source: Orlando Business Journal; July 7, 2017 edition.